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Compatibility Notes:

Streaming ASX files, such as the ones we use here, have been known to not be 100% compatible with all media players. Windows Media Player is compatible, within Windows, go to the Control Panel and click Add/Remove Programs and then Set Defaults. Make sure Windows Media Player or another player that is proven to be compatible (such as VLC or Winamp) is set to be the default player for ASX files.

Mac systems have a known issue with ASX files, due to their native Windows nature. To remedy this, install either VLC Player or Flip4Mac, both should be able to play this file. We are working on additional methods of streaming the stations, so please stay tuned.

Linux based systems should have a media player (such as VLC, MPlayer, Totem, Audacious, etc. along with the gstreamer series of codecs -good -bad -ugly installed). Depending on your distribution, "apt-get or yum install vlc mplayer audacious gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly" You may also need to have RPM Fusion repositories and/or Livna enabled.

Windows Media Player
VLC Player


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