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  1. KPCL Ministries serves the needs of a unique and growing market of "attractive" decision makers. The success of your advertising campaign will not be measured by how many listeners you reach as it will by how many customers you make. Our listeners are actively engaged with our programs. This loyalty is transferred to your business by becoming an advertiser/sponsor on our station.

  2. There is a special bond between KPCL Ministries listeners and the advertiser/sponsor. This relationship renders optimum benefits. There are really two ways to buy advertising – go for the biggest audience, or go for the right audience… that is, you can buy the attention of potential customers, or you can buy real customers with Christian radio. If quality is what you’re after, then Christian Radio is what you’ll buy.

  3. KPCL Ministries listeners are your best potential customers … affluent, well-educated, adult, and family-oriented. On average, they have more discretionary income: 49% of Christian listeners have an annual household income of $50,000 or more, a large portion have a college degree, while 75% own their own home. We should top your list when it comes to getting your message out to the right market!

  4. KPCL Ministries WORKS! New advertisers/sponsors on our station benefit from the experience of the past 13 years that we’ve been on the air. Our trained staff works hard in building a long-lasting relationship with you - we become a "partner" and we're truly interested in enhancing your business performance. Advertising on KPCL Radio is an investment in your future - not an expense!

Source for statistics: SOMA Christian media research.

By becoming a KPCL Ministries advertiser / sponsor, your business will be promoting something good in our community!
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